Community Tips:

Holiday Hills Police Department (Non-Emergency): Main Number: 815-385-2828  
Fax Number: 815-344-8919

In case of Emergency, call 911

If you are the victim of a theft, please call the Police Department to make a report. Even if the theft appears minor, the report will enable your property to be returned in the event it is recovered. Also, reporting a theft provides information to police so additional patrols may be directed to areas needing additional attention.

Always keep your vehicle doors locked and do not leave valuables unattended. If it is necessary to keep a particular item in your vehicle, try to keep it out of sight.

If possible, park your vehicle in a well lit area.

If your residence has outside lighting, turn it on at night. This may deter thieves from targeting you, since they prefer to work under the cover of darkness.

Premise Alert Program

Illinois Premise Alert Program Act, 430 ILCS 132.

The Premise Alert Program (PAP) was designed to allow citizens to notify Public Safety Agencies of any person with special needs or disabilities to ensure equal access to emergency services..

The completion of a Premise Enrollment Form will provide public safety personnel access to vital information regarding physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional disabilities.

Click here to download the Premise Alert Form

Upon completion, please submit the form to the Police Department.

Golf Cart Permits
On 08-16-2010, the Village of Holiday Hills, Illinois voted to allow certain non-highway vehicles (hereafter referred to as a golf cart, and golf carts only) to drive on certain roads within the village limits. The new ordinance took effect August 27, 2010. A golf cart is the only non-highway vehicle authorized to be driven on most of the roads of Holiday Hills, Illinois. Your village officials hope you enjoy the use of your golf carts, but stress the importance of safety while operating them as they can be more difficult to see by drivers of other motor vehicles. Each person applying for a Village Vehicle Sticker will be given a copy of this flyer and sign for it acknowledging they are made aware of the rules governing the safe use of the golf carts on the roadways and the requirements to legally operate one in the Village limits.

Click Here​ for the Golf Cart Permit form